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February 10, 2008

Virtual PC method for testing IE6 on Vista

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Well for those who read my post on liquid div positioning I found out it does work on IE6!  BUT you may have to use overflow:hidden a few times in CSS depending on the situation.  Anyway I fixed the bug I had in my script with the liquid div menu so it works a lot smoother in IE6.  IE6 has always been a pain and one thing I didn’t enjoy was the fact that CSS styles didn’t always flow down to child nodes which makes it a pain having to add more code.  Luckily it wasn’t much more and that I know of so far, it works fine on all the other browsers. 

 Anyway for those who don’t know, you can’t run IE6 on Vista!  Microsoft does not allow Vista to run IE6 at all, but that’s a good thing since it will get rid of it sooner!  Sadly… as developers we need IE6 for testing…  Luckily, our good friends at Microsoft finally were nice enough, probably after a few death notes, to give us developers a fighting chance to test for IE6 compatability.

 I’ll tell you right now, it’s not hard to do.. but it does take some harddrive space, memory, and about 1 hour of you time for downloading on a fast connection.

You’ll have to download VPC for IE6 which is a VPC harddrive image for XP that allows you to run IE6, so yes you have to install XP on your computer as a VPC.  Of course you also have to make sure you have downloaded VPC 2007 to run it.

VPC 2007:

VPC File:

VPC 2007 doesn’t like Vista Premier on its compatability list, and since I use it at home for development purposes, I just ignored the small warning and it worked just fine.  It does make your computer a tad bit slower but it’s nothing that bad to worry about it.

Anyway wish you luck with it!

*can’t wait for IE6 to die completely already*


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  1. Thomas,
    We provide another option for developers and designers looking to test on older versions of IE. We provide various configurations of OSs (Windows, Ubuntu, OSX) and browsers and allow people to access them live via VNC. We would love to have you try it out and review it.

    Comment by Ken Hamric — July 22, 2008 @ 2:31 am

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